by Akanksha Singh

K-means clustering is a clustering algorithm for determining the structure of a dataset while solving clustering problems…

OSPF is link state. That means it runs Dijkstra’s Shortest Path First (SPF) Algorithm, that is something that is common to all link state routing protocols which makes topology detail regarding network outside their area…

docker containers provide quick environment setup to deploy any product hence we are using this to train our model and then predict by providing some dummy inputs…

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Documentation and analysis is done back and forth using Job Tracker and Task Tracker nodes that are part of MR Cluster and giving the benefit to run the analysis program giving Distributed Computing Resources….

  • Hadoop…

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Features that are relevant to prediction using Machine Learning Concepts and Data Quantification process by Domain Experts or by using some algorithm to divide the data in two parts and then test the accuracy of model that

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roles controlling webserver versions and solving challenge for host IPs addition dynamically over each Managed Node in HAPROXY.cfg file which increases the scalability and high availability of our site…

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Deploying website using WordPress is an easy task but when it comes to high availability and Fast Deployment with Orchestration and Auto-Provisioning facility — We are referring MNA over Cloud….

Akanksha Singh

Technology enhancement take a journey of learning and exploring!! On a way to achieve and Follow my own star!!

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