In this article I will explain that how industries use Orchestration tool to minimize Server Downtime and Data loss that result in continuous deployment over a Containerized environment with continuous integration through internal programs for achieving “Fast To Market” and Agile services that bring proper status to a business.

Slack — An Application for Chatbot, Group messaging and Broadcast Channels also uses Kubernetes for Event Notification. I will also touch the use-case of Kubernetes in Slack.

In real world when we work on Projects, the main issue comes in monitoring and maintain state of our environment that eventually terminates due…

Many a times in Parking we face issues, people park their cars in different directions/angles and we 😒 yell at ourselves that why we parked our cars besides theirs. 😂

Isn’t it amazing when an application gives car owner details so that we can identify them and ask for help. Just by putting number plate value you can directly verify details from authorized party — RTO.

Let’s check the application and it’s working…

Firstly we need to understand how we get the car number plate values just by scanning number plate. …

by Akanksha Singh

K-means clustering is a clustering algorithm for determining the structure of a dataset while solving clustering problems…

K-means’ purpose is to divide data into discrete, non-overlapping segments. K-means is a simple and robust algorithm that makes clustering very easy. It is highly scalable, can be applied to both small and large datasets.

It is an unsupervised machine learning algorithm that divides the given data into the given number of clusters. Here, the “K” is the given number of predefined clusters, that need to be created.

This algorithm takes raw unlabeled data as an input and divides the dataset into clusters and the process is repeated until the best clusters are found.

The main idea is to define…

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Technology is meant to make human life easy but security breach happen at high rate in bait of money and some personal glitches many crackers enter Organization's network to insert malicious software patches which results in damaged system and Leaking of confidential information.

Intrusions are mostly done over the network for which many companies spend lots of money on System Surveillance and Software Patch Updates so that all the loops can be treated on time before any virus/malicious code entrance into the system. We have many type of insecurities in the Network Like:
Malware : Malware describe malicious software, including spyware…

OSPF is link state. That means it runs Dijkstra’s Shortest Path First (SPF) Algorithm, that is something that is common to all link state routing protocols which makes topology detail regarding network outside their area…

In this blog we will be understanding about Routing Protocols and their Mechanism. Basically in networking world router works on third layer of our OSI model and we get the Static and Dynamic Routing among classless and Classful IP routes. There are many protocols for routing but my special focus will be on OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) routing protocol.

When data move across multiple network, IP routing helps to determine the path of data by setting some protocols to reach the source destination. Ultimately data travels at the physical level through routers IP routing protocols enable routers to setup…

docker containers provide quick environment setup to deploy any product hence we are using this to train our model and then predict by providing some dummy inputs…

Faster deployment is need of today!! As we want to have testing environment to test any model’s accuracy, in our ML Model use-cases for an intelligent prediction which is required. We use to ensure by testing before sending to production environment for wise prediction this could be possible by docker container as they just launch in a second and provide resources directly from base OS by the help of daemon.

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Documentation and analysis is done back and forth using Job Tracker and Task Tracker nodes that are part of MR Cluster and giving the benefit to run the analysis program giving Distributed Computing Resources….

Hello Readers, this blog is extended version of my previous blog in which I have discussed about HDFS Cluster setup (Distributed Storage File System that are provided by Hadoop) we have done this setup on AWS using Configuration management tool — “Ansible”.

🤔 What new we gonna discuss here?

  • Hadoop Distributed Computing Cluster
  • Working of Job Tracker Node
  • Working of Task Tracker Node
  • How Hadoop Provides internal Sorting Program?
  • How to setup Job Tracker?
  • How to setup Task Tracker?

Hadoop being a Big Data Storage and analysis tool never to go with multi node setup. Practically when we implement Hadoop…

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Features that are relevant to prediction using Machine Learning Concepts and Data Quantification process by Domain Experts or by using some algorithm to divide the data in two parts and then test the accuracy of model that

Initially in era 1837, Charles Babbage have proposed Mechanical Computing Machines for Calculations and Computations. Those machines had basic properties of ALU, Flow Control, and Integrated Memory. Although computers over the decades of evolution have changed a lot but human interruption is needed as computers don’t have intelligence and can only perform the tasks we ask. Computers can’t Predict and can’t schedule themselves as per the conditions.

Computer intelligence could only be programmed into these machines using some Data Set, based on that we have some Formula called as Model. Predictions that we get over the Experience of large amount…

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roles controlling webserver versions and solving challenge for host IPs addition dynamically over each Managed Node in HAPROXY.cfg file which increases the scalability and high availability of our site…

In this Agile World we have our web sites to be deployed to Production Environment. But Whenever our Web Server node scale we have to register it to the Load Balancer which in turn working in distributing traffic and managing Request-Response from client side.

The Scenario must be clear now, that what are we going to discuss in this blog? Yes, It’s Auto Registration of Web Server IPs to Load balancer. We might need to setup the whole environment if everything collapse at our System on data Center. …

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Deploying website using WordPress is an easy task but when it comes to high availability and Fast Deployment with Orchestration and Auto-Provisioning facility — We are referring MNA over Cloud….

Famous Website and blog building tool WordPress that we are going to deploy in pods over Kubernetes using Automation by Ansible. The question comes why we need this deployment and what is necessity of POD creation?

PODs are smallest unit of Kubernetes management cycle. If we see the official definition — Pods are the smallest, most basic deployable objects in Kubernetes. A Pod represents a single instance of a running process in your cluster. Pods contain one or more containers, such as Docker containers. …

Akanksha Singh

Technology enhancement take a journey of learning and exploring!! On a way to achieve and Follow my own star!!

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