Case Study on “How Infosys NIA helping market for Revenue Leakage Analysis using AI-Powered Contracts”

What is AI ?

Types Of Artificial Intelligent


To perform Decision making processes these AI system do not use historical data just keep reacting according to the current situation based output.

Eg: Deep Blue, IBM’s chess-playing supercomputer , Google’s AlphaGo


The machine like Self Driving Car programmed on the representation of world which includes the human being experience records, have tried Darwinian evolution to start with the machine history learning like humans learn after a age of experience of their own.

Eg: Self Driving Cars detecting the turns and driving safe on roads.


Machines using AI are becoming more advanced, class not only form representations about the world, but also about other agents or entities in the world. In psychology, this is called “theory of mind” — the understanding that people, creatures and objects in the world can have thoughts and emotions that affect their own behavior.


The machine if be a self aware they can inference the feelings of human over the common moments like hurting someone could be felt when someone hurts you. This kind of intelligence is exception as no machine could fell other then the data we provide to run a specific condition.

What is NIA ?

Benefits of NIA services :-

What #BuiltOnNia works on?

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Technology enhancement take a journey of learning and exploring!! On a way to achieve and Follow my own star!!

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Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Technology enhancement take a journey of learning and exploring!! On a way to achieve and Follow my own star!!

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