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Neural Network — MADALINE to Self-Driving Cars

Features that are relevant to prediction using Machine Learning Concepts and Data Quantification process by Domain Experts or by using some algorithm to divide the data in two parts and then test the accuracy of model that

Fig 1. AI Neurons Simulates our Brain Neuron

Neuron :

Fig 2. Neuron


Fig 3. Perceptron with hardlim function
Fig 4. Hardlim (Hard Limit Transfer) function
Fig 5. AI — ML — DL — NN

🤔 What is the use of neuron in AI\ML learning model?

History of Neural Networks and some industrial Projects:

Fig 6. Madaline Neural Network Model

Objective of Neural Network are:

Fig 7. How Computer detect image

Architecture of Neural Networks:

Fig 8. Architecture of Neural Network

Neural Networks — Self Driving Cars

Fig 9. Self Driving Autonomous Cars
Fig 10. Computer Vision
Fig 11. Sensor Fusion
Fig 12. Localization of Self Driving Cars
Fig 13. Path Planning
Fig 14. Control of Self Driving Cars

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