Training and Testing Machine Learning Model inside Docker Container

docker containers provide quick environment setup to deploy any product hence we are using this to train our model and then predict by providing some dummy inputs…

Machine Learning:

Docker :

Fig 1. dataset.csv File

ML-Salary-Estimator-Python Code:

Fig 2. ML-CODE File

Pre-requisite :

Let’s Discuss the Problem Statement:

Fig 3. docker daemon active
# docker pull centos:7
Fig 4. Centos Images present in my System
Fig 5. Lunched esti-con container
# yum install python3 -y
Fig 5. Installed python3 software
# pip3 install scikit-learn numpy pandas
Fig 6. installed all the required library
# docker cp <source_path> esti-con:<destination_path>
Fig 7. We have copied both dataset and code to the docker container
Fig 8. Execution of our ML Program

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